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Garnet Bracelets

Garnet Bracelets

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Red Garnet

♥ Passion ♥ Sensuality ♥ Sexuality ♥ Romantic love ♥ Intimacy ♥ Positive thoughts ♥ Energy ♥ Past life recall ♥ Inspiration ♥ Success ♥ Social popularity ♥ Self-confidence

Chakras -  Base Chakra, Heart Chakra
Element – Fire

Typical colours - Most often seen in red, but available in virtually all colours, including: red, pink, green, orange, yellow, brown and black

Garnet Properties:

  • Represents love and commitment
  • Enhances warmth, trust, and sincerity in relationships
  • Controls anger, especially toward oneself
  • Cleanses and re-energizes chakras
  • Revitalizes and balances energy
  • Inspires love and devotion
  • Balances the sex drive and emotions
  • Boosts courage, hope, and survival instinct
  • Enhances past-life recall and self-perception
  • Removes inhibitions, opens the heart, and instils self-confidence

Health Benefits:

  • Regenerates the body and stimulates metabolism
  • Treats spinal and bone disorders
  • Purifies the heart, lungs, and blood
  • Boosts the immune system and energy levels

Please note that these qualities of Garnet are based on metaphysical beliefs and may not be scientifically proven.

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