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Tourmaline Quartz Bracelets

Tourmaline Quartz Bracelets

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Tourmaline Quartz

♥ Balances opposites ♥ Grounding

Tourmaline Quartz is an important protection stone.

Chakras - Third Eye Chakra
Element - Earth
Typical colours - Clear with needle-like crystals of Black Tourmaline.

Tourmaline Quartz Properties:

  • Combines Tourmaline and Clear Quartz Crystal properties
  • Purifies energies and protects from negativity (Tourmaline)
  • Amplifies and focuses energies (Clear Quartz)
  • Acts as a powerful shield stone
  • Can amplify and return negative energy or convert it to positive based on intent

Grounding and Protection:

  • Strengthens the body's energy field
  • Deflects external influences
  • Symbol of unity and effective problem solver
  • Releases tension and eliminates destructive patterns
  • Balances yin/yang energies
  • Harmonizes elements, turning negative into positive

Psychological and Healing Benefits:

  • Integrates and heals shadow energies
  • Alleviates self-sabotage
  • Harmonizes meridians, subtle bodies, and chakras

Health Benefits:

  • Detoxifies the body
  • Used to treat digestive tract disorders

Tourmaline Quartz is believed to possess these qualities, but please note that these claims are based on metaphysical beliefs and may not be scientifically proven.

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